Looking for voice actors

2016-08-10 22:01:45 by JoelG

Hi everyone! the animatic of the second episode of my series is done!
I'm looking for voice actors for this characters! if you want to help me with one of these, please send me your voice demo reel :D


2 ants 1 president - Episode 1

2016-06-27 17:08:50 by JoelG

First episode of my original series! thanks to all the people for the support!. I'm working really hard on the next episode !

Just a new animator!

2014-08-04 21:04:56 by JoelG

Hello there! I'm new at this site! currently i am an animator on youtube.. but i do videos in Spanish ...  I have now created a channel just to make animations in English! I don't know many voice actors ... but I hope to meet many here!