Entry #1

Just a new animator!

2014-08-04 21:04:56 by JoelG

Hello there! I'm new at this site! currently i am an animator on youtube.. but i do videos in Spanish ...  I have now created a channel just to make animations in English! I don't know many voice actors ... but I hope to meet many here!


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2014-10-09 19:19:59

I really liked your first animation, and I hope to see more.

JoelG responds:

thanks! im working in a new animation about smash brothers!


2014-10-10 08:01:39

You sure are lucky thats your first animation and it made front page. Ive been on here for about two years and could never make front page. Also how long does it usually take you to make a new animation.


2014-10-10 10:59:57

I'm just going to sub to both of your channels...I'm just that weird xD


2014-10-10 20:02:57

if you ever need a voice, let me know :)

JoelG responds:

i will let you know!! thanks!


2014-10-11 11:54:45

I responded to your message. Please get back to be as soon as possible. Thank you. :3


2014-10-11 23:44:03

I'm a new animator here too, We should collab sometime.

JoelG responds:

Sure! But I can't in this moment, I'm really busy with a lot of different projects!


2015-11-14 17:48:17

you have a great talent! i watched many many flashes, but yours have the special touch, that makes me want more! keep it up bro, i believe in ppl like u <3